Lushtic Facial Steamer
Lushtic Facial Steamer
Lushtic Facial Steamer
Lushtic Facial Steamer
Lushtic Facial Steamer
Lushtic Facial Steamer

Lushtic Facial Steamer

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The Nano Facial Steamer is a new type of steamer that generates nano-ionic steam. The steamer combines a conventional heating element with a new ultrasonic vaporizer to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. 

Not only that, the nano water molecules are far more effective at penetrating the skin, for a deeper cleanse.


Deepwater replenishment: The steamer turns water into fine nano water molecules, which enables it to replenish water within the skin base.

Clean pores: With the soothing steam, this device is able to effectively open up your clogged pores, which allows for dirt removal, offering a more thorough clean. This then allows any skincare products to penetrate deeper.

No more dry skin: If you suffer from dry skin, steaming is a great way of rehydrating, and promoting face blood circulation. Resulting in a natural glow!

Anti-acne: Opening up your pores with the steamer releases any dead skin cells, and bacteria that had been clogging up, which can cause acne and blackheads/whiteheads.


Step 1: Ensure device is plugged into power.

Step 2: Add water into the tank and tighten it.

Step 3: Press the spray switch once to turn on, and once again to turn off.

Step 4: Steam can take 30 seconds to start coming out, as it needs time to heat up.

Step 5: Clean around your face in circular motions for several minutes.

Step 6: Apply your favourite skincare products to your opened up pores

We suggest to steam for 5-10 minutes, 2-3x per week.

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